Business Ideas and Tips 10 Tips to Make it a Great Day at Work, Every Day

We don’t “have” a great day, we “make it” a great day! — Frosty Westering

Life is a collection of days, one right after the other. But life ain’t always sunshine and rainbow. Some days you’re at the top of your work game and there are even days when you just wake up with a feeling that it’s going be one of your worst days at work. Having a bad day or waking up with a not-so-good mood is pretty common. In fact, almost everyone around you has gone through a bad day at some point in their lives. Now, what’s important here is “how to acknowledge it?” and “what can you do about it?”

So, if you want to make it your best day at work (every day), here are a few tips that will not only guarantee you a great day at work but also allow you to be more productive than you ever thought possible.

Plan your day the night before

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We all can agree to the fact that it takes double the time to get ready in the morning than it does to prepare the night before. Then why don’t we use this fact to make our day more productive and organized? All you need to do it get all your work-related stuff ready for the next day before your bedtime. Prepared your briefcase, make preparations for your lunch, make a list of your to-dos, get your outfit ready, and so on. Doing this not only saves you a lot of time but also carries you through your day in a smooth manner.

Become an early riser

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This one is pretty obvious. We all have heard thousands of reasons from our parents on why it’s important to be an early riser. Well, guess what? Your parents were right all this time. Getting up early and starting your day before the sunshine gives your day a positive start. It offers you 15–20 extra minutes to make or break your day. Now, the way you utilize these extra minutes is completely up to you, so be wise and make every minute count.

Enjoy the sunshine

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Feeling a little groggy? Well, that won’t be a big deal. All you have to do is march yourself outside and enjoy the sunshine for 10–15 minutes. Soaking in some sunshine will boost your alertness, strengthen your immunity, increase your energy, and even help you get a good sleep at night. And do you know what would work even better? While you’re enjoying the sun’s rays, take 10 deep breaths (in and out). It will help you maintain your calm throughout the day.

Wear the perfect outfit

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You must have heard the phrase — “you look good, you feel good”. Well, the psychology of dressing is not confined to your dating life, it has equal (or even more) affect your work life. That’s why it is important that you dress with something that makes you feel attractive, comfortable, and confident at work. Don’t take your work wardrobe lightly, every outfit you pick can have a huge impact on how the world perceives you.

Seek positive input for 15 minutes

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It’s easier to achieve and maintain success through a day when you have positive thoughts in your head. So, the question here is — how can you create a library of positive thoughts in your mind? Well, for starters you can consider reading or listening to an inspirational book on your way to work. Doing this will help you ensure that you get positive input during the start of each day.

Smile (even if you fake it!)

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It’s likely that you are already familiar with the importance of sticking a smile on your face. In fact, there are even chances that you’re probably already smiling. If not, you must stick a smile on your face anyway. There have been countless research and studies that have shown that maintaining a smile at work genuinely helps to reduce stress and make your day more productive. And to be clear, we’re not talking about smiling from ear to ear like the Joker from the Batman series. Just be a bit more relaxed and keep it natural.

Stick to short-term goals

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If you want to make your day worth spending, always remember that there’s a reason why you go to work. Whether it’s making a good living for your family, helping customers, or changing the world in some way — just keep your goals in mind and stick to them no matter what. Also, keep your focus on the short-term goals because they will help you accomplish a part of something more important i.e. your long-term goals.

Focus on the MITs

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We all complain about having too much in our to-do list. But to be frank, every task and activity in your to-do list has its own importance and that’s what you need to focus on. Keep your to-do list sorted and rank each task in your list according to their importance. And when you’re done, start working on the most important tasks first and get them completed as soon as possible.

Eat well

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The kind of food you put into your body plays a crucial role in deciding how your body will run throughout the day. So, be wise about your eating habits and make sure that you get the right kind of nutrients from each meal. Keep yourself energetic and you will be able to get more work done, more efficiently.

Keep recharging your battery

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Working for 8 hours long at work is clearly a bad idea. For one thing, it is simply not possible, and secondly, it makes you less productive. So, what you need to do is take short breaks (10–15 minutes) between work and keep your mind fresh and energetic all day long.

End your day with gratitude

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One of the biggest secrets of success is exercising your gratitude muscle at work in the best way possible. Before you go back home, get a piece of paper and write down everything that has happened during the day. After that, identify the things that you are or could be grateful for.

” is the biggest gift you have ever been given. Use every minute wisely and make every day worth living. Make these small tweaks in your work routine and you’ll have an awesome day at work. 

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