Google Ads (PPC)

Driving more traffic to your website by increasing rank in different search engines.


Be just a Google search away

With billions of searches per day on Google, Businesswyze uses Search ads to make sure potential customers notice our clients brand.

Get people to take action

When we up your Search ad, we are able to choose the goal you want to achieve, such as:

  • Increase your online or in-store sales
  • Get more leads
  • Boost your sales with strategically built user experience.
Why use PPC advertising?

You can use PPC advertising to build brand awareness. But PPC advertising is particularly effective when you want to encourage customers to take immediate action. For example, buying a product or signing up for your mailing list.

There are several advantages of using PPC:

  • By identifying keywords that match what your target customers are looking for, you can get your ads in front of the right audience.
  • You only pay when someone is interested enough to click on the ad. That takes them to a landing page on your website, where you have the chance to convince them to take action now.
  • You decide how much a visitor is worth to you, and set your advertising ‘bids’ accordingly.
  • You can control your costs, by setting a limit for your total advertising spend.
  • You can try out different options, and get a detailed analysis of how well each advertising campaign is performing.


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