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Why Branding Matters?

In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, it can get a little crowded. Remember when it comes to making your brand stand out is to ensure you tell your story. The world is full of brands, so in order for yours to stand out, people need to know how your brand got to where it is today, what is at the core of your business and what it is you stand for. Ensuring your brand communicates all of this can be tricky, so take your time and make sure your brand captures you, your business and its ethos. Essentially, your essence.

  • Modern and creative logo design for your business.
  • ­Branding that stands out in the crowd.
  • Strategic approach towards redesigning your brand.

Our Process

Businesswyze has a painless, streamlined process to understand the underlying character of your business and create a logo that is a reflection of just that.

Research and Inspiration

It’s important to know your target audience and how to design for them. So in this step, we spend time researching that audience and their preference in design. There is no benefit in creating a logo that appeals only to 20 somethings if our target audience is senior citizens. In addition, understanding what is going on in the client’s specific industry is crucial. You may want to follow suit or break the mould, but you need to know what the mould is before doing so.Good groundwork is essential when embarking on a branding project. Research in any area of design is essential, none more so, then logo design. Research enables you to fully understand the problem at hand, which in turn lets you design a solution that can be presented with confidence, armed with the knowledge you need to back up your decisions.

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Sketching logos is where creativity comes into play. While sketching logos, the goal is to find a connection between an idea and the creation of a form.As graphic designers spend more and more time on the computer, this step is essential to the logo design process. Sketching with pen and paper allows for a certain amount of freedom that is vital to creativity. We consider sketching a type of brain dump. Get everything out even if you know it’s unusable or cliché. Many of the times a “bad” idea may be the stepping stone to something great.

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Once we feel we’ve exhausted all possible ideas we go back through the sketches and pick a handful to bring into digital artwork. The process of doing this evolves the designs even further. It’s seldom that the final digital logo looks exactly like the sketch. We also add colour during this step after we’re satisfied with a black and white version first.

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Colour should be the last feature when making a logo, mainly because a logo has to look good in black and white as well as colour.

The use of colours, fonts, and other elements involves a lot of strategic thinking. The fact is that logo design aims at pleasing human senses. Therefore, some Color psychology is also involved in creating logos. When creating a logo, we always consider how people will react to the design.
At Businesswyze we consider the psychological impact of lines, colours, shapes, and other elements in creating a logo design. Each such element has the power to influence viewers. The colours, shape etc work on our subconscious mind without our direct knowledge about it.

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Final Logo

Once the entire logo process is complete, usually after about two weeks-pending the rate of feedback, clients are provided with a logo that embodies the culture of their company, with a design that is a core component to their brand identity.

They’re supplied the logo in every formatting or size they may need, to ensure that it will work for any use in the future. A good logo is an effective way to build brand credibility and awareness through consistency in various marketing tactics, and foster a connection between your industry, and your particular offerings.

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