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Pinterest is the only platform where ads are additive. Pinners find what they love. You grow your business.

Pinterest marketing has so many opportunities to offer to companies of all sizes, from all around the world. While most marketers think of Facebook and Instagram when it comes to social advertising, Pinterest has been proven to provide an excellent medium for product discovery and shopping.

According to Pinterest, 67% of people using their platform are looking to discover new brands and products and make purchases.


Your Business belongs on Pinterest

You’ll get more out of Pinterest using a business account. Get access to special Pin formats, analytics and more.


Showcase Your Ideas

Make Pins to tell the world what you’re about. Pick from formats like photos, videos and Story Pins.

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Engage Your Audience

We’ll show your Pins to the people we think are most likely to love them. People can comment, react or even add photos of Pins they’ve tried.


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Help Scale Your Results with Ads

Turn organic Pins into ads so they’re seen by more people. Combining organic and paid content is the best way to succeed on Pinterest.2

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What does Pinterest do for your business?

In short, Pinterest will generate traffic to your website, and potentially generate sales. If your business is not an image-driven type of business, it is OK, you can use infographics and share on Pinterest to bring traffic to your website.

Social media platforms are marketing tools to promote your business and inform your customers. But Pinterest is more than just a social media platform, Pinterest is a search engine. Just as Google is a search engine to search all content on the internet; youtube is a search engine to search video content hosted on youtube; Pinterest is a search engine to search mainly image content hosted on Pinterest. On Pinterest, each image is a Pin, it can be linked with a unique web page and bring traffic to your website. This means you can design the targeted content to present your business information right before your potential customers.



How to use Pinterest to benefit your business?

Either you have an image-driven portfolio type of website or an informational website. Creating high-quality Pins is the key to Pinterest marketing. The Pin can be an authentic image, a beautiful infographic, creative video content or a GIF animation.

In general, the half-life of a Pinterest Pin is 3.5 months, which is much longer than Facebook posts. This means the Pin continues to get impressions and clicks over a long period of time. The difference with other social media sites is that on Pinterest you don’t need a large number of followers in order to make it work. The quality of the Pin is more important than anything else. If your Pin gets more likes or more shares, Pinterest will show it more often. So instead of spending time to engage with audiences, leave comments, you can spend more time on making quality Pins, which is the thing you like to do.



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