Twitter Marketing

How Twitter Fits Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are more than 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, granting you the opportunity to reach a large following and form enduring connections through your content.

As a must-have distribution and promotion channel, social media amplifies your brand, engages your audience and keeps your marketing agile to the latest industry conversations, breaking news and trending topics. Think of Twitter as your fastest, simplest way to take the pulse of your audience.

Through surveys, polls, real-time trend monitoring and a suite of other intuitive marketing features, your Twitter feed is a treasure trove of actionable audience insights.

Enhance your digital marketing strategy with Twitter marketing services from Businesswyze – one scheduled tweet at a time.


Twitter Management and Service Offerings

At Businesswyze, social media marketing services can be purchased a la carte, as part of a rolling monthly subscription or on-demand when the need arises.

 Your assigned social media strategist works closely with your brand, channel partners and vendors to plan out your Twitter campaigns from start to finish – while still leaving enough flexibility to optimize and adjust tactics on the fly. You can be as hands-off or as hands-on as you desire, and Businesswyze can run the entire scope of your social media management as needed.




We offer the following service:
  • Create and set up your business Twitter account.
  • Optimize an existing profile, or expand your
    brand across several different associated
    Twitter profiles.
  • Generate recurring or on-demand social posts.
  • Manage your Twitter end-to-end, along with
    integrated social media platforms like
    SproutSocial and HootSuite.
  • Measure and report metrics.
  • Remote and on-location event coverage
    via Live Tweeting.
  • Address customer service inquiries and
    respond to direct messages.
  • Manage and monitor your brand mentions
    via social listening tools.
  • Reach out to industry influencers and
    increase your sphere of influence with
    follower pushes.
  • Create, track and manage contests, hashtag
    campaigns and other interactive content.
  • Produce and curate short social
    engagement videos.
  • Execute on your social media ad budget and
    target high-value users.
  • Analyze competitor social media accounts to
    strategically target active users and
    high-value prospects.

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